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Always be Hustling (ABH)

By Brian Adams posted April, 2017

I have been consulting and  working with 1,000s of business owners for over twenty years. The ones that stand out in my memory and that I had the most succes with has been those who learnt how to hustle. The last 18 months in particular I have walked a journey with  one such hustler,

Hustlers don't wait until they have something, they go out and get it.

Key characteristics about this hustler, David, is that he is focussed on his business. Before I started working with him, he was still driving one of the trucks in his business (long distance, nogal). I am happy to report that he has not worked in the business for the last 6 months and has been working on his business, instead. The only time he actually works in the business is when he is introducing new systems and training his staff to implement it. He does not follow sports on TV, nor does he watch any TV programmes. He does not listen to radio or read newspapers.

David did the right thing

when he called me in to help him make sense of his business and to consolidate operations so that he could extract himself from the daily operations to take a more strategic role.

Deep in the night, you will find David online, watching Youtube videos and visiting websites where he is learning about SEO, Google Adwords, Lead Generation Strategies, Mobile Applications and landing pages so that he can generate more leads for his business. While his business is steadily growing he is developing a tech business that seeks to disrupt the industry he has been in for the last nine years.

He grew his business from a part-time run operation with one small pick-up truck (nine years ago) to four 8 ton trucks and a smaller van that have all been bought cash with no external debt taken on.

David is an unassuming quiet spoken person and when you interact with him, you won't know that he is a hustler. So yes, hustlers aren't all extroverted and loud and like a bull in a china shop. David is a quiet hustler who gets on with hustling day and night. He sleeps very little and has learnt how to say NO and focus on the next challenge.

Many business owners I know waste lots of time playing mobile games and watching TV, Most get stuck in discussions about the poilitricks of the day and their business stagnates and they do not learn, implement new things and do not move their business forward, 

It is time to invest in your own development as a business owner - your business needs it.

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